Blog Updates

There are many things going on, but unfortunately not blog-post writing.

There was a post about a New Project in the Works a few weeks ago.  I've completed it, but need to do some documentation.  Maybe one of these days.

I haven't forgot about the series on R in Transportation Modeling, I just haven't moved forward myself - many things have bogged me down from being able to move forward with it.  I have one post half-written, and I am working towards finishing it.

I've been looking at doing more visualization in R.  Expect to see some stuff from there.

My amateur radio blog has had a few updates (weekend work!).  I have a post in mind I need to write for it, I just need to sit down and start typing.  If you really want to read my writing and you don't care about the topic, go there for now!  I do have to do a redesign for that blog, so someday it'll happen.

...yeah, I didn't really think I'd lose many people on that 🙂

The one thing I DID do for this blog is I added a Welcome page.  I was reading a recipe off another website and stumbled on that person's blog, and their very first post was a welcome post and talked about what that blog was about.  I think that's a pretty smart thing to do, so I decided I'd add a similar page.

Hopefully, I'll have a post of some sort ready for next week and get back on the posting schedule I started adhering to a while back.


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