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For those going to the TRB Transportation Planning Applications Conference in Columbus, Ohio next week (May 5-9), I've released a very simple mobile website for it.  I have part of an API designed into the site, and I intend to continue that with the next Applications Conference, as I want to see a mobile/tablet app happen.  I can make some Android platform stuff happen, but I have no iPhone development experience nor do I have an iDevice to do that on.

In addition, I'd love to see people that tweet during the conference to use the hashtag #TRBAppCon.  I will be tweeting (sometimes) and taking some pictures during the conference.  My twitter handle is @okiAndrew.

 Next up...

The day I'm writing this (I generally schedule posts anywhere from a day to 2 weeks in advance), I read the sad news that Astrid was acquired by Yahoo!.  I'm no fan of Yahoo!, in fact, I'm quite shocked they're still in business.  I see this as the end of Astrid, so my next post will likely be about my solution to this problem.

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