Alternatives to Word?

It has been a while.  Mostly because we're preparing for a peer review and still making adjustments to the model.  The one thing more frustrating than that: Word 2013.

I'm not going to go into a tyrade about how I should NEVER be able to apply a caption style to a picture or a page break or how it handles sections terribly or how annoying it is to try and format all tables and pages (in a dozen or so different files) similarly.  Or how I can have things that suddenly the 'Normal' style is Times New Roman in my tables but Calibri in the rest of the same document... *sigh*

So my break-off from a forced hiatus is this: what else is out there?  My web searches have largely came up with LaTeX or useless results (i.e. sending large files, document management systems, etc).  LaTeX is an option, but it does have a learning curve and whatever the final decision is something my staff will have to live with (as will I).

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