Animated Charts from R

In any iterative process, it is nice to see progress.

Recently, it was gravity model distribution (again), so I had a process in R to calibrate friction factors, and part of it exported the trip length frequency chart:

ggsave(paste("TLF", Purpose, Period, "_Iter", iteration, "plot.png", sep=""))

So I was left with 30 charts showing progress.  So for kicks (a little), I animated the charts using ImageMagick:

One of the charts

One of the charts. Click for larger and animated.

To do this, you need Imagemagick (scroll down for Windows) and the following command line:

convert -resize 75% TLFHBWOP_Iter%dplot.png[1-30] HBWOP.gif

The resize parameter is optional, I used it to reduce the image size down to something allowable by Twitter.

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