Lookups in R: The REAL Right Way!

After waiting forever enough to get things to run, I stepped into a better way to do lookups.

mapply on matrix objects.

Basically, I do this:

TSkimLBWPk<-read.dbf("data/TSPKLBW.DBF") #Read the local bus walk skim

TSKimLBWPK_IWAIT=(acast(TSkimLBWPk,I~J,value.var="V1",drop=FALSE,fill=0)) #build a matrix from the data

TSKimLBWPK.IWAIT<-function(i,j) {
if(i<=nrow(TSKimLBWPK_IWAIT) && j<=ncol(TSKimLBWPK_IWAIT))
else return(0)
} #build a function to lookup, returning 0 if it is looking for a zone not found

TripsAllPk$LBW.IWAIT=mapply(TSKimLBWPK.IWAIT,TripsAllPk$PTAZ,TripsAllPk$ATAZ) #do the lookup

That's it. This takes the input DBF (which has I, J, V1, V2, etc. fields), converts to a matrix for a quick lookup, and then applies it.

It runs in about 3 minutes.

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  1. Zhuo Yao Says:

    Nice and clean code, I tried a little bit with some data I have in hand and it works!!!