Quick Notes for the Week

I didn't have anything big to write on this blog this week, but there's a few things out there worth a look.

In my other life, I'm an amateur radio operator.  I wrote a piece over on my other blog about the global economy and parts, as I have been buying parts from eBay at dirt-cheap prices.   This has continued implications on freight in this country.  It's likely to get worse, as the makers-turned-entrepreneurs are (in droves) sending things off to China for fabrication.  Designed in the USA, made in China.

Mike Spack over on his blog mentioned that the one feature every traffic counter must have is identification.  He's 100% correct.  I've seen a video of the Boston bomb squad blasting a traffic counter with a water cannon many years ago, and that's what happens when you don't put some sort of ID on your counters.   The orginal video of the counter's demise has long since disappeared from the Internet, but you can still see the reference on Boing Boing.


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