August 28th, 2013


I'm Andrew.  I'm a transportation planner that specializes in transportation forecasting - figuring out how much traffic is on the roads in the future.  I'm also an amateur radio operator and a geek.  I'm a good cook, and I'm a  runner.

I run 2 blogs (which may soon become 3), and I co-author another.  This, as you've likely noticed, is one of them.

This blog is a hodgepodge of transportation data and modeling stuff.  I have to work with a lot of data, and many of the things I do aren't really well documented (or they're not documented in a transportation modeling or planning context), so I've started to add my experiences here.  I've also documented my use of tools that aren't commonly used in the transportation data and modeling world, such as using gawk with Cube Voyager (transportation modeling platform).  If you subscribe to my RSS feed or via email, expect to see a lot of posts that relate to R, Cube Voyager, and occasional bits of Java.

If you want to get in contact with me, there is a contact form on this blog, or I'm on twitter. I also have a Github repository.