New Series on R in Transportation Modeling [Updated 10 October 2013]

I've been doing a lot of statistical stuff over the past several weeks, and I think it is worth some value to the Interwebs if I try and post some of it.  I'm considering making it a course of some sort with some scrubbed HHTS data (no, I can't post real peoples' locations and names, I think I might get in a little bit of trouble for that).

The "syllabus" is roughly something like this (last update: 10 October 2013):

  1. Intro to R: getting data in, making summaries
  2. Trip rates - Linear and Non-linear modeling 6/7/13
  3. Mode Choice Estimation in R 6/14/13
  4. Trip rates - Averages 9/13/13
  5. Complex Mode Choice Estimation in Biogeme <-Coming in two weeks or less!
  6. Distribution Friction Factors
  7. Distribution K Factors
  8. Outputs and Graphics

I can't guarantee that these will be the next eight weeks worth of posts - there will probably be some weeks with a different post, since I don't know if I can get all this stuff done in six weeks, even with the head start I have.

In other news...

I've been disabling comments on these short posts that really don't warrant any sort of responses.  I've been getting a lot of spam on this blog, so I'm cutting it down where I can.  This is not a global thing, I've been turning them off on certain posts, but the default is on.

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